LUNAR AR Notebook

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Get your hands on an Augmented Reality notebook that’s out of this world: the LUNAR AR Notebook.
A high-quality notebook equipped with advanced technology that allows you to explore beyond the pages and into the mysterious universe to learn everything about our Moon.


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The LUNAR AR Notebook features information and facts about the Moon, and includes high quality photo prints of Buzz Aldrin, the first astronaut to man a mission to the Moon on Apollo 11 and the goddess Diana of Moon of Roman mythology.

Using the AR app on your smart device, you can awaken the Moon goddess Diana who transforms into an interactive Moon which you can explore in 360 degrees.

Embossed hardcover with the
surface of the Moon

Explore and learn about the mysterious Moon through this expertly
crafted notebook which has an embossed hardcover features
the moon’s surface texture. Your fingers can feel the
replicated bumps, craters and landscape of the Moon!

Expert craftsmanship + advanced technology

Our LUNAR AR notebook has been thoroughly designed to feature a thick embossed textured hardcover exterior, wire binding for an easy-open that lays flat and high-quality, acid-free paper pages in both blank and graph styles. Through your explorations of the Moon, the pages are available for you to sketch, record notes and dream.

This innovative notebook pairs with unprecedented Augmented Reality technology and an app that brings the pages and the Moon to life. You’ll be able to explore and learn about the Moon and then freely write, draw, sketch the ideas it will inspire.

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