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25 Piece Prepared Microscope Slide Kit

  • Prepared Slides For Hours and Hours of Enjoyment and Discovery
  • 1" x 3" (25mm x 76mm) Glass Slides
  • Packed in a Wooden Case
  • Listing of each of the Slides
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A wide assortment of specimen slides covering insect parts, plant parts, animal parts, etc.














Slide Material:Glass, Clear
Slide Design:Flat Plate
Slide Quantity:25
Slide Shape:Rectangular
Slide Size:25mm x 75mm (1" x 3")
Slide Type:Prepared
Slide Box Material:Wood (Bass)
Slide Labels:Paper, White with Black Text in English
Slide Specimens Included in Kit:1. Penicillium,W.M.
2. Rhizopus Sporongia,W.M.
3. Chlamydomonas,W.M.
4. Pine Leaf,C.S.
5. Leaf of Winter Jasmine,C.S.
6. Corn Root Tip, L.S.
7. Vicia Faba Young Root C.S.
8. Corn Stem C.S.
9. Corn Stem L.S.
10. Cucurbits Stem C.S.
11. Cucurbits Stem L.S.
12. Basswood Stem C.S.
13. Basswood Stem L.S.
14. Pollen W.M.
15. Daphni Sp W.M.
16. Hydra W.M.
17. Paramecium W.M.
18. Rotifer W.M.
19. Honey Bee Mouth Parts W.M.
20. Cardiac Muscle Sec
21. Skeletal Muscle L.S,C.S.
22. Small Intestine C.S.
23. Spinal Cord C.S.
24. Motor Neurous Cell W.M.
25. Blood Smear Human
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25 Piece Prepared Microscope Slide Kit

KD 10.00