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ويليام أوبتك مسطِّح بصري 68III

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William Optics Field Flattener 68III

This field flattener is designed for FLT132/GT102/GT153.

This revolutionary new WO FF68III Adjustable Flattener was made for 6 -7.5 F ratio refractors.

This high-quality flattener has been engineered and CNC machined for usage with our FLT 132, 102GTS and other APO refractors.

This accessory is a must-have for refractor astrophotography.

Lens• Designed to cover full-size DSLR cameras with a clear lens aperture of 50 mm• STM coated with an excellent doublet air-spaced design.• Produced entirely with the best Ohara optical glasses.• Flattener Power: 1x (no reduction).• 45mm for full illuminated imaging circle.

Amazing• It will flatten the field amazingly well and finally make you see those round stars!• This unique flattener works with WO or other 6-7.5 F ratio refractors.

Superb Finish• Superb William Optics anodized finish.• All internal surfaces threaded and blackened for no reflections.• Protecting covers are included on both sides.

Easy to Use • Will accept any standard T-ring for your camera (thread size M48x0.75).• Suitable for FLT 132, 102GTS (with 3” focuser) and many others refractors with focuser M92x1.0 thread.

Adjust Distance

William Optics telescopes will need to have the distance adjusted on the flattener. Below is the distance adjustment needed to achieve focus for the specified telescope (this is done by moving the adjustable flattener to the specified position):

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Flattener 68III

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