About us

Ikarus Technologies (Ikarus Scientific Instruments & Tools, LTD) is a startup technology company that aims to instill the passion of Astronomy & discovering the cosmos popular once again for everyone. By utilizing cutting edge technology, we seek to make this hobby accessible and affordable to all levels and age groups.

Founded in 2018 by Jasem Mutlaq in Kuwait, our goal since the beginning is to provide cutting edge technology along with best customer service in the industry. Ikarus Technologies flagship product is StellarMate, a labor of of love spanning more than 15 years of development. Additionally, we offer a wide range of astronomical products including telescopes, mounts, cameras, and various accessories.

We seek to be leader in technical innovations in the field of amateur and professional level astronomy. By selecting trusted brands with great customer level support, we offer our customers a range of products to discover the night sky with ease and a peace of mind. We firmly believe in engaging the community and the youth by conducting workshops, training sessions, and star parties to bring the community together and share our collective knowledge and experiences.

While we primarily serve the amateur astronomy market in the Middle East, we provide professional consulting services for observatory design, planning, construction, and operation. These services include complete turn-key solutions from concept to delivery and operation of observatories for universities, scientific institutions, and government entities. Just let us know your vision, and let Ikarus Technologies draft the technical specifications along with a professional financial, logistical, and RFP (Request-For-Proposal) documents ready for tendering. We work with our customers in each step along with way to ensure their objectives are fully met.

Astronomy can be a very expensive hobby, but we at Ikarus Technologies believe it should be affordable to the masses without a compromise. Therefore, we design our products and services around this principle. Furthermore, we are a strong believer and backer of Open Source technologies. Knowledge should not be locked away, but should be shared and experienced by all. This is why we are a staunch believer in Open Source technologies even when most businesses shy away from it.

To expand global reach, we partnered with Fedex to offer international shipping across the world. The warehouse facility in Kuwait is stocked with astronomical equipment and service parts and can ship same-day to many countries around the world.