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صيانة متقدمة للتلسكوب

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صيانة و فحص و تنظيف شامل للتلسكوب 

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With Ikarus Advanced Telescope Maintenance Service, get a very thorough inspection and maintenance of telescope to restore it to optimal optical & mechanical performance. This service is exclusive to the Optical Telescope Assembly (OTA) and does not cover the mount nor the tripod. In addition to the checks performed in the Ikarus Basic Telescope Maintenance Service, the advanced service includes the following:

1. Disassembly of mirrors/lens to perform complete inspection of any defects and to clean any impurities.
2. Complete professional chemical non-invasive cleaning of all surfaces while protecting the optical coatings.
3. Check all bolts, screws, and nuts and tighten as per manufacturer standards.
4. Check and grade optical aberrations when applicable (Chromatic, Spherical, Coma, Vignette, Pinched Optics, Astigmatism).
5. Perform precise laser collimation for reflector telescopes.
6. Perform star test to ensure top optical quality performance.

If the inspector finds any optical issues in the telescope that might degrade the observing performance, the customer would be notified of the available options as per our recommendations. We treat every and each telescope as our own and we want to provide a complete satisfactory service so that you too can soar the cosmos.

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Advanced Telescope Maintenance

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