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Astrophotography Bergner Star Pack

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Start your adventure in imaging the vast cosmos with Ikarus's Astrophotography Starter Pack.


Selected by our experienced astrophotography staff, this pack contains all the necessasry gear to begin your journey in the exciting world of Astrophotography. Obtain out-of-this-world spectuacular views of a vast array of deep sky objects including galaxies, nebulaes, globular clusters, and many more.


Use Ikarus flagship product StellarMate to control and automate all aspects of astrophotography so you can get all the data you need in the least amount of valuable exposure time.


Astrophotography Bergner Star Pack

من KD 1,247٫000 السعر العادي KD 1,313٫000

إلى KD 1,260٫000 السعر العادي KD 1,329٫000


GEM28 in Hard Case with LiteRoc Tripod


Zenithstar 61II APO


QHY Small Off-Axis Guider


QHY 5L-II Monochrome CMOS Telescope Camera


QHY 168C Cooled Color CMOS Telescope Camera


StellarMate Plus Astrophotography Controller


PowerTank Lithium LT

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تخصيص Astrophotography Bergner Star Pack
قاعدة GEM28 الإستوائية مع ترايبود و حقيبة   + KD 419٫000
تلسكوب وليام اوبتكس كاسر 61 مم (أحمر)   + KD 179٫000
كاميرا فلكية أحادية للتوجية والتصوير الفلكي   + KD 65٫000
كاميرا QHY الفلكية ملونة بتبريد 168   + KD 429٫000
جهاز ستلرميت بلس لضبط التصوير الفلكي   + KD 70٫000
PowerTank Lithium LT   + KD 39٫000

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Astrophotography Bergner Star Pack
Astrophotography Bergner Star Pack


KD 1,247٫000