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BeaverLAB TW1 Pro Smart Telescope

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  • 【Long Focal Length, Large Aperture】500mm(f/6.1) focal length. Cutting-edge filter technology, FMC multi-layer coating. The multi-layer green film reduces discomfort and light passes through the lens, so you don't feel dizzy or uncomfortable when watching.
  • 【Easy to Operate, Open the App to See】The installation is fast and the operation is simple, even zero-based players can easily get started. Open the app and you can watch it. It comes with wifi, and it can be connected immediately. It can also be watched in mountainous areas with no signal.
  • 【High Performance, Low Power Consumption】Cutting-edge circuit structure, MTK algorithm platform equipped with star-level SONY chip, low power consumption, strong performance, high speed. Intelligent AI image algorithm can present you perfect images in any observation environment.
  • 【One-click Photo and Video】One machine with multiple functions, it can not only take pictures but also record videos, and easily produce wonderful images. Long exposure, contrast, saturation...etc can be adjusted manually.
  • 【Wide Range of Usage Scenarios】It can be used in multiple scenes, and everything looks great. Explore the starry sky and discover new wonders. Watching a concert, the idol is right in front of you. Watching the distant scenery, the distant scenery is like being on the scene. Look at animals in the distance and discover more exciting things during the journey.
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smart astronomical telescope

BeaverLAB Smart Astronomical Telescope

BeaverLAB Intelligent Astronomical Telescope combines digital camera, telescope and automatic photography functions, allowing you to explore more distant celestial bodies through an APP. Support automatic white balance/exposure/RGB three primary color real-time compensation, can be adjusted on the APP color, gamma, clarity, etc., compact module design, simple operation, easy to carry! Without flow, it can also achieve a large "visual" field of stargazing in remote mountainous areas without signal.

Product model TW1 PRO
Product color Black
Image sensor SONY-CMOS
Pixel size 6.52mm
Main platform Dual frequency and dual transmission MTK
Maximum resolution 4K
Wireless transmission rate 867Mbps
Optical aperture f/6.1
Optical focal length 500mm+
Battery Capacity 1600mAh
Charging port Type-C
Application Android/iOS/Windows
Product weight 13lbs
Operating temperature -20℃~50℃
Video recording format Mp4
Material ABS, Aviation aluminum alloy, hyperspectral lens

Larger screen real-time observation, reject long time fatigue.

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BeaverLAB TW1 Pro Smart Telescope

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