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William Optics

In a relatively short time, William Optics has established itself and its products as one of the world leaders in short-tube, highly-portable refractors, and has achieved quality recognition for many accessories such as the well celebrated WO Diagonals.

We plan to keep producing fine instruments both for the entry-level and the top-end segments. In the coming year, you will have many pleasant surprises: on top of a whole new range of larger Apochromatic telescopes, we will begin marketing new accessories and binoculars for all pockets.

Far from limiting ourselves to astronomy, in accordance to the founders’ passion for nature in all its aspects, we will increase our efforts to produce superior products for the bird-watching enthusiast and the casual observer alike.

Our reputation for high-end but affordable telescopes and accessories has been expanding constantly on the five continents. There are now few countries where a serious stargazer cannot appreciate the optical and mechanical excellence of a William Optics telescope.

With more than 70 Authorized WO Dealers in 35 countries, and a production base in the most advanced countries for optical and mechanical technologies (USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, Taiwan), we can guarantee a prompt customer service and prices no other high-quality brand can afford.

William Optics’ cooperation with some of the most famous companies, both as our suppliers and partners and as OEM clients, our established international presence and a growing market response and appreciation, testify to our commitment to deliver only the very best to you.

We are totally focused on offering you premium optics paired with unrivalled mechanics, all for an outstanding final value!

Our philosophy of “More quality for Less money” is aimed at making instruments outside the reach of the average pocket, such as apochromatic refractors, affordable and easy to get hold of for anybody who wants to.

William Optics

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