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صفيحة DSD 245 لتوصيل التلسكوب (أحمر)

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مصنوع من CNC عالي الدقة ، هذا التداخل من William optics أنيق ومتين ومضمون للحفاظ على أجهزتك آمنة ومتينة.

يزن320 جرام 
طوله 245 مم

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William Optics DSD 245 Vixen/Arca-Swiss Dovetail Plate - Red

  • This DualSide Dovetail plate has one side with a V-style dovetail and the other side as an Arca Swiss dovetail.  This makes it easy to attach your camera or telescope right to your mount/tripod.  There are two threaded holes (1/4"-20) and three unthreaded slots to make it easy to lock into place to your camera, or telescope to your camera saddle or mount adapter.                 

    This plate is:

    • Length:  245 mm (9.64-inches).
    • Width top: 38 mm (1.496-inches.)
    • Width bottom: 41.7 mm (1.641-inches.)
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DSD 245 Plate (Red)

KD 19.00