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William Optics Guide Star 61 (Red)

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KD 120.00

William Optics Guide Star 61 APO

(Soft Carry Case included)

  • Provides a full-frame image circle
  • Rotatable 2" manual drawtube for coarse focusing
  • Rotating dewshield for fine focusing
  • Comes with a free high-quality soft case
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William Optics GuideStar 61 Guide Scope

The William Optics GuideStar 61 APO doublet guide scope features the same excellent optics and build as the Z61 telescope in a more basic housing. A great addition to your William Optics refractor telescope!

William Optics 61 mm Guide Star Guide Scope
Soft Carry Case
Tube Rings with Handle
Vixen-style Dovetail
Extension Tube
Lens Cap

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Guide Star 61

KD 120.00