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ZWO IR 850nm Pass Filter – 1.25″

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IR 850nm Pass Filter is suitable for IR sensitive cameras.

  • Darkens the background during twilight.
  • Imaging of bright planets, stars, and comets by day.
  • Imaging of young stars in dust clouds and stellar nurseries.
  • Filter thickness: 11mm.
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Product Description

ZWO 1.25″ IR 850nm Pass Filter suitable for IR sensitive cameras. You don’t need to debayer and get the full resolution of this sensor when use it with a Color camera such like ASI224MC or ASI185MC. Because the QE responce  of sensor beyond 850nm  is all the same. So you can use a color camera as mono camera with this filter, just don’t forget to keep the WB_R and WB_B to 50 (no White Balance applied).

To see the unseen: ASI290MM+850nm IR filter + 2.1mm lens.

Thickness: 1.9-2mm


Transmission properties

The transmission properties of the IR 850nm Pass Filter are optimized for CCD astrophotography.

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IR 850nm Pass Filter – 1.25inch

KD 10.00