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Neptune Lamp

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Neptune Lamp
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Neptune Lamp

1. Convenient Remote Control: You can use remote control to choose your favorite color and choose the models (flash,smooth,fade and strobe) as you like.
2. Touch switch control: One touch the switch charging port,turn on and the color will change one by one.
3. Note: Touch switch can only change the color and remote control can both change and adjust the brightness.

Diameter of Lamp: 15cm (5.9in)
Remote Control Distance: 5m (16.4ft)
Battery Capacity: 500 mAh
Charging Time: 2 hours, Working Time: 6-12 hours (depends on brightness you choose)
Power Supply: USB DC 5V
Power: 1W , Power Supply: USB DC 5V
16 Color Adjustable Planet Night Lamp
Flash model: RGB 7 color jump
Fade model: RGB 7 color gradient

Warm Tips:
--Do not put the lamp in conditions above 60℃ temperature.
--The best remote control distance for the remote control is 10 feet (5 M)
--Do not put the plant night lamp under close to high temperature object.
--Do not use a USB charger with an output voltage higher than five volts (5V)
--When the plant night lamp is charging a red light can be seen near the charging port inside the plant night lamp, when the charging is complete the light will go out.

Package Include:
1 x Night Lamp
1 x Remote Control
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Wooden Stand
1 x Cotton Hanger

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KD 7.00