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Orion Tri-Mag 1.25" 3x Barlow Lens

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KD 35.00
  • Delivers a 3x magnification boost to any 1.25" telescope eyepiece, greatly increasing your available viewing magnifications
  • For example: The Orion Tri-Mag 3x Barlow makes a 15mm eyepiece yield the same magnification as a 5mm eyepiece (15/3 = 5)
  • Great for high-power lunar and planetary observations
  • Perfect for extracting higher powers from short-focal-length telescopes
  • Threaded to accept standard 1.25" Orion eyepiece filters
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Orion 08704 Tri-Mag 1.25-Inch 3x Barlow Lens (Black)

When you need a lot more power than your telescope eyepieces alone can provide, we suggest using  the 1.25" 3x Orion Tri-Mag Barlow Lens. It gives a big 3x magnification boost to any 1.25" telescope eyepiece it's used with, ideal for "zooming in" on observational targets for a closer look. This 3x power boost is desirable for lunar and planetary observing, and for extracting higher powers from optically "fast" telescopes such as f/5 and f/4 refractors and reflectors.

For long-exposure astrophotography, the power amplification provided by the Tri-Mag 3x Barlow Lens allows more precise guiding and use of a shorter focal length guide scope, such as a rich-field refractor (e.g., the Orion ShortTube 80). With the Orion Tri-Mag 3x Barlow you can use longer-focal-length telescope eyepieces to achieve high powers, which offers the benefits of better edge sharpness and more comfortable eye relief (optimal distance between your eye and the eye lens) than you'd get using an equivalent high-power eyepiece without the Barlow.

The Orion Tri-Mag 3x Barlow utilizes a multi-coated achromatic "negative" lens that effectively triples the focal length of the telescope's optics. The Tri-Mag Barlow Lens housing is precision machined from aluminum and black anodized to a hard finish to stand up to years of use. Both the Barlow housing and the chrome portion of the barrel are glare threaded and internally blackened to provide maximum contrast and eliminate distracting reflections. The lens end of the Tri-Mag Barlow barrel is threaded to accept standard 1.25" telescope eyepiece filters.

Power-up your telescope eyepiece collection and your telescope's performance with the 1.25" 3x Orion Tri-Mag multi-coated Barlow Lens.

Length, 5". Weighs 5.8 oz.

Please note this product was not designed or intended by the manufacturer for use by a child 12 years of age or younger.

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  • Intermediate
  • Barrel size
  • Magnification factor
  • Multi-coated
  • Number of elements
  • Filter threads
  • Clear aperture
  • Weight (oz.)
  • Height
    5.0 in.
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Orion Tri-Mag 1.25" 3x Barlow Lens

KD 35.00