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Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope


Features an Ohara ED doublet objective that includes an S-FPL53 ED glass element. 

242 mm focal length results in a fast f/4.8 focal-ratio.

Precise non-rotating helical focuser for fine focus adjustment. 

Has both a T2 thread and 1.25” socket so connecting your autoguider, camera or eyepiece is easy. 

Alignment rings are provided, each with 3 nylon-tipped screws.

The bracket's finderscope mounting foot is a regular Sky-Watcher / Celestron / Vixen-style mini dovetail so fits into most finderscope shoes. The Vixen-style 45 dovetail bar features a 1/4-20 thread for tripod mounting.

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Sky-Watcher S11174 Overview

Use the Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50DX APO Guide Scope Astrograph in conjunction with your guide camera to improve the tracking precision of your mount during long astrophotography and astroimaging sessions.

The compact 50mm aperture is complemented by a doublet apochromatic lens design that produces crisp and clear high-resolution views with limited edge distortion and accurate color representation. To achieve a tack-sharp focus Sky-Watcher employs a sturdy and reliable single-speed helical focuser that is easy to manipulate for optimum clarity. This is only the scope, you'll need to provide the guide camera system, or you can install a compact imaging camera and optional focal reducer and use it to capture fast wide-field images with it.

A cradle-ring mounting assembly clamps over the body of the guide scope and lets the user adjust the orientation and position of the scope relative to the mount to optimize viewing comfort and to help with balancing, while avoiding interference with other equipment. The scope is offered with a Vixen-style dovetail plate and a riser that makes it easy to mount on just about any astrophotography rig.

  • Autoguider scope: The optical performance improves the precision of autoguiding systems by being able to finely focus the field and resolve guide-stars better
  • Wide-field astrophotography: Using 2" or 1.25" imaging systems directly in the drawtube enables tack-sharp and highly resolved wide-field images of the night sky, galaxies, constellations, and other objects
  • Visual: Its optical performance, short focal length, and mounting rings make it an ideal fast grab-and-go option for planetary and lunar observation
Optical Tube Assembly
  • 50mm aperture is especially useful for lunar and planetary use
  • Short 242mm focal length helps to maintain a short form factor and produce a fast focal ratio
  • Fast f/4.8 focal ratio reduces the exposure times required during astrophotography to capture bright and clearly resolved images versus smaller optical systems
  • Apochromatic doublet lens design with an extra low-dispersion element eliminates chromatic and spherical aberrations for true color rendition and without distortion across the entire field of view
  • Hard aluminum carrying case
  • Dual-speed Crayford-style
  • Crayford focusers use a toothless friction system that allows for super-fine precision focusing without backlash
  • Large 2" drawtube prevents vignetting when using wide-field eyepieces for viewing, or large imaging sensors for astrophotography
  • OTA only, mount head and tripod required for proper use
  • Cradle-ring assembly for dovetail plate allows the scope orientation to be changed based on mount configuration
  • Vixen-style dovetail plate is compatible with any alt-az or equatorial mount with a Vixen-style saddle
  • Weight: 4.3 pounds
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Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope

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