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SV194 Photography Adapter for Nikon Camera


This Svbony photography adapter is designed for connecting Nikon Camera. with M42 and M48famle threads, it will works with other extension tubes with M42/M48 male threads. also, including the Barlow lens. 

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M42 photography adapter for Nikon.jpg

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nikon adapter to telescope.jpg

M48 T-Ring Adapter for Nikon

Model SV194SV194
Size M42*0.75M48*0.75
Male threadNikon F-mount MaleNikon F-mount Male
MaterialMetal Aluminum Metal Aluminum 
Net weight31g / 1.05oz26.3g / 0.93oz

1. We provide you with two different sizes to choose from according to your needs, each product contains only one  

2. Great tightness, no wobbling or cross-threading, high strength, impact resistance

3. Attach lens, telescopes, microscopes, and other gears that have universal T2/ wide M48 thread mount to Nikon SLR and DSLR camera with this adapter

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SV194 Photography Adapter for Nikon Camera

KD 14.00