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William OpticsUniGuide 32mm Scope (Space Grey)


William Optics All New Slide-base UniGuide 32mm Scope - Space Grey

The 32 mm UniGuide guide scope from William Optics has a focal length of 120 mm and a focal ratio of f/3.75. The guide scope comes with a Vixen-style slide-base. This base is compatible with the William Optics saddle carry handle and the Cat Handle bar (neither handles are included).

The back of the William Optics 32mm UniGuide scope comes with an M42 thread for attaching 1.25" cylindrical-type guide cameras such as QHY, SBIG, and ZWO cameras. Tightening knobs will ensure a stable fit for the attached guiding equipment.

The WO UniGuide guide scope has a full length of 147 mm. Of that length, the lens to the back of the guide scope is 105 mm. The Vixen slide-base measures 73 mm in length. When it comes to the 32 mm UniGuide Scope's appearance, the beautiful red exterior matches perfectly with other red William Optics refractors and accessories.

Additionally, the body of the guide scope comes with an adjustable distance of up to 25 mm. The design of the body even has a subtle focus mechanism! In order to focus the guide scope, you will need to twist the built-in dew shield. Once you have your desired focus, then you can lock it in with the black ring at the base of the dew-shield.

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Aperture: 32 mm
Focal Ratio: f/3.75
Focal Length: 120 mm
Weight: 0.529 lb (0.24 kg)
Guide Camera Thread: M42
Camera Adapter Size: 1.25"
Sliding Base: Vixen Style
Guide Scope Length: 147 mm
Adjustable Backfocus: 0~25 mm
Color: Space Grey

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William OpticsUniGuide 32mm Scope (Space Grey)

KD 39.00