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About us Optolong Optics Co.,Ltd. is the brand owner of Optolong who is the joint of industry and trade. Optolong has become an integrated enterprise not only specialized in R&D, but also good at manufacturing astronomy filters and fluorescence filters and pushing them into the market. Optolong has its own plant area more than 2000 ㎡. We would keep a high standard to work for our clients! Brand introduction Optolong is our trademark. We not only have our own brand products-- astronomical filter and fluorescent filter, but also provide the overall solution of filter design, customized processing, proofing and mass production. We are glad to declare that Optolong has become the first and only non-replaceable brand for astronomical filters in China. Optolong brand is also known as the comparable filters with international brand by distributor clients around the world. Technological strength Optolong Optics Co.,Ltd. has a group of high-quality senior scientific research and technical personnel with rich practical experience and skilled optical workers. It has the ability to design and research all kinds of optical films by itself. It can develop and batch produce high-difficulty optical filters according to the requirements of customers. Our optical filters are durable and have passed ISO9001, ROHS, SGS, CTI and other certifications. They are widely used in machine vision, medical field, life science, industrial detection, laser optoelectronics and other fields. Globalization strategy Optolong is the first filter manufacturer with its own astronomical brand in China. To date, optolong & reg; astronomical filters have distributors in more than 30 countries around the world, with customers all over the world. Our astronomical filter was published in Astronomy Magazine. The product L-Pro is affectionately called "wife filter" by the majority of astronomy fans; L-eNhance, L-eXtreme are recognized by astronomers too. NB filters and LRGB are perfect kit for deepsky imaging, while UHC, CLS, H-Beta, OIII, Night Sky H-Alpha and Moon & Skyglow are for visual observation; UBVRI photometrics filters for photometry orientation.


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