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Celestron AC Adapter - 2 Amp

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  • Power your Celestron computerized telescope from any AC wall outlet
  • 2 amp AC Adapter
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor outlets
  • AC adapter comes with US, UK, EU, and AU adapter plugs
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Enjoy your telescope without batteries with this AC adapter! When using your telescope at home or near any wall outlet, you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted observing. Running your telescope off of AC power is hassle-free and much more reliable than other methods, especially in cool temperatures, when batteries can lose charge quickly.

This 2 amp AC Adapter is compatible with the following Celestron computerized telescopes:

PowerTank Lithium Compatibility List

Will power any computerized mount

Advanced VXAstro Fi
NexStar Evolution (note:  telescope comes with an equivalent AC adapter/charger)CPC & CPC Deluxe HD Series*
NexStar SLTNexStar SE Series
LCM seriesSkyProdigy Series
Advanced Series

*CPC Deluxe HD Series—This adapter is sufficient for most visual observing with a balanced telescope. However, for astroimaging using additional equipment, the 5 amp adapter is recommended.

AC Adapter Output:12VDC
Current Output:2.5 amps (2500 milliamps)
Tip:Inside tip positive
Inside Diameter:2.1mm (.08")
Outside Diameter:5,5mm (.21")
Jack Length:10mm - 15mm (.39" - .59")
Compatible Telescopes:LCM | NexStar SLT | NexStar SE | SkyProdigy | Advanced | Advanced VX | CPC GPS XLT | CPC Deluxe HD
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Celestron AC Adapter - 2 Amp

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