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Ikarus Universal Vixen/Losmandy Clamp

  • Universal Vixen/Losmandy Clamp
  • Highy Quality CNCed aluminum
  • Rigid and flexure-free
  • Easy locking with hex key
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Ikarus Universal Vixen/Losmandy Clamp is a high quality clamp that secures your mechanical parts to Vixen or Losmandy dovetails. CNCed from high quality aluminum and beautifully anodized to give a crisp clean finish.

Ikarus Universal Clamp

Four M6 threads provide rigid and flexure-free attachment to your devices. A central universal ¼” UNC thread enables attachment to tripod heads and other compatible UNC screws. Two stainless steel support beams are included to protect the threads against heavy loads to ensure their longevity.

Ikarus Universal Clamp Thumb Screw

The knurled thumb knob enables secure and easy locking control. Use the provided 6mm hex key to secure it further especially during cold nights.

It is compatible with StellarMate Pro and StellarMate X Astrophotography Controllers.

Ikarus Clamp on StellarMate Pro

Packing List

  1. 2-piece Clamp
  2. 2x Support struts
  3. 1x central thread
  4. 1x Thumb knob
  5. 1x 6mm Hex key
  6. 4x M6x12mm screws
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Ikarus Universal Vixen/Losmandy Clamp

KD 19.00