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حلقة تي-رينج لكامرات نيكون

  • Useful accessory allows you to attach a Nikon 35mm DSLR or SLR camera to a telescope, camera adapter, off-axis guider, and other astrophotography accessories
  • Attaches to camera body and provides a T-thread interface
  • Couples camera body to standard T-thread found on many astrophotography camera adapters
  • Fits Nikon 35mm DSLR and SLR cameras via bayonet-style attachment
  • Made of anodized aluminum
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Orion 05205 T-ring for Nikon Cameras (Black)

A T-ring converts a DSLR camera body's bayonet mount to a female T-thread, allowing attachment of the camera to a T-Adapter, a telescope field flattener, coma corrector, or other "T" threaded camera accessory. This T-ring, designed to fit Nikon F-mount cameras, features standard M42 (42mm x 0.75) T-threads. Length (thickness) of the T-ring is 8mm. Made of machined aluminum and black anodized.

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Orion T-Ring for Nikon Camera

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