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ZWO AM5 Harmonic Equatorial Mount


ZWO AM5 Harmonic Drive Hybrid AZ/EQ Mount Head

  • Ultra-portable telescope mount for astrophotography and visual astronomy
  • Harmonic drive technology allows the mount head to weigh just 5 kg (11 lbs) and carry up to 20 kg (44 lbs) with counterweights
  • Hybrid operation between equatorial and alt-azimuth modes
  • Full 0-90 degree latitude range for use anywhere in the world
  • Built-in WiFi connection lets you operate the mount with your smartphone or tablet and works seamlessly with the ASIAIR
  • Included wireless rocker-style hand controller
  • Mount heightening plate, carbon fiber tripod, counterweights, and Power Supply are sold separately
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ZWO AM5 Harmonic Drive Hybrid AZ/EQ Mount

The ZWO AM5 is an all-new, ultra-portable telescope mount from the astrophotography experts at ZWO! Featuring cutting-edge harmonic drive technology, this mount has the extraordinary ability to carry up to four times its own weight with high guiding accuracy (0.5 - 0.8" arcseconds) and very low periodic error. The mount head weighs just 5 kg (11 lbs) and can carry 13 kg (28 lbs) without any counterweights, and can even carry up to 20 kg (44 lbs) with optional counterweights. This means you can carry up to an 11" SCT and some 130mm refractors - all without any counterweights! Compared to traditional gear or belt-driven mounts in its payload capacity class, the ZWO AM5 weighs around half of the competition, and that's without the added weight of counterweights. This makes it an extremely portable mount, and it can easily fit in a luggage bag for air travel.

The ZWO AM5 is a hybrid mount, meaning it can operate in both equatorial and alt-azimuth modes. Designed with astrophotography in mind, this mount is made to accurately track the night sky with little periodic error for deep sky astrophotography or planetary imaging. The AM5 also has the ability to operate in alt-azimuth mode, which allows for simple up-down-left-right operation - perfect for visual observing. Its latitude range spans the full 0 to 90 degrees latitude, meaning you can use this mount anywhere in the world, including near the equator! Combining everything mentioned above, this makes the ZWO AM5 one of the most versatile mounts available on the market today.

In case that weren't enough, the ZWO AM5 also features some extra bells & whistles that are nice to have for the modern astronomer and astrophotographer. The mount is WiFi compatible, which allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to see best targets for tonight, control the GoTo function, and more. ZWO also optimized the AM5 to seamlessly work with the ASIAIR, meaning you can control your entire imaging rig directly from your smartphone or tablet. If you prefer a more traditional hand controller, the AM5 comes with a fully wireless rocker-style hand controller.

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Our website is always updated with the most recent camera drivers as well as software for DSO and planetary imaging. Please make sure the most recent driver and software has been installed before you start shooting:

It is also recommended to read the Manuals first before shooting.

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ZWO AM5 Harmonic Equatorial Mount

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