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William Optics RedCat 71 APO Telescope - Red

  • 71mm f/4.9 Astrograph
  • 350mm Focal Length
  • FPL-53 glass for color-free apochromatic performance
  • 4 elements in 3 groups (2-1-1- configuration; new, unique, patented design - not a conventional objective/flattener/reducer design)
  • Covers 45mm full-frame imaging circle
  • Precise helical focusing and camera rotation; includes a 48mm make thread that accepts a wide T-ring.
  • Includes mounting rings, 21cm long Red Vixen style dovetail and Cat saddle
  • Weight = 6.2lbs / 2.8kg (OTA only); 8.2lbs / 3.7kg (OTA with ring, dovetail and saddle)
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Coming to 2022 - 

The REDCAT 71 is the perfect Apochromatic refractor for photographic astronomers demanding excellence in a small sized telescope. The petzval optical design features a 71mm aperture using FPL-53 glass, and provides a flat image plane without any additional flattener. The STM-coatings and superb quality provide excellent optical performance and unmatched value.


The rear adapter ring features a M48 thread for mounting 48mm astrofilter, combined with tilt adjuster for any type of Imaging sensor, the imaging unit provides astroimager the solution to overcome any situation.



The CAT dew shield features a removable lens cover, with our patented Bahtinov Mask revealed by unscrewing the face plate. The clear design allows for brighter star patterns, and precise focusing for astrophotography.

Versatile CAT Handlebar


The CAT Saddle Bar Handle, offers a solid handle with a built in dovetail chamber for use with the WO Uniguide scopes, or other Vixen style guiding/finder scopes.

Helical Focuser

Internal Helical focuser geared with 2GT belt drive ring able to be focused remotely.

Field Rotator

The super smooth field rotator includes markings for every degree, and a solid thumbscrew position lock.

Soft Carry Case

The standard package comes with a soft carry case.

Technical Specifications

Lens Type
Petzval Design
Focal Length
Petzval Flat Field
Helical Focuser with 2GT Gear Ring
Lens Material
Strehl Ratio
Camera Format
Full Frame DSLR / Mirrorless / CMOS / CCD
Test Report
Not Available
T-Mounts Supported
Canon EF, RF
Nikon F, Z
Sony E
Pentax K
Micro Four Thirds (M4/3)
Tube Length
OTA Weight
Total Weight
  • Building on the massive success of the RedCat 51, William Optics has proudly announced the all-new RedCat 71!

    The William Optics RedCat71 is a 71-mm f/4.9 refractor that features a 350mm focal length for fantastic widefield images of the night sky. The optical design is a Petzval design with a doublet front element incorporating FPL-53 glass, plus a single central element and a single rear lens. By using this four-element Petzval design, our WO RedCat71 provides a flat image plane without requiring any additional flattener and the image circle is over 45mm.

    45mm Image Circle

    WO RedCat71 is designed primarily for imaging, making it an astrograph. This scope provides an excellent color correction and pinpoint stars at the very edge of a 45mm image circle. If you want to take images with the best quality, this beautiful and powerful telescope is what you want.

    Four-Element Patented Design 2+1+1

    Super Bright Bahtinov Mask

    Full Frame & APS-C Compatible

    Premium Anodizing Finish

    The premium quality of Anodizing finish and calibrated helical focuser with a 2GT gear ring is much more precise than those on typical camera lenses, and it is lockable, making it easy to nail and maintain focus. (2GT standard gear ring, 153 teeth, Diameter 98mm, width 8mm)

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William Optics RedCat 71 APO Telescope - Red

KD 529.00