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ZWO TC40 Carbon fiber tripod

  • Lightweight design with 50 kg (110 lb) load capacity
  • Easy to carry and transport inside your luggage
  • Compatible with other mounts such as: iOptron GEM45 and GEM40, Rainbow Astro 135E, and Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi
  • Tripod head plate offers three mounting points to match the AM5 head
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ZWO TC40 Carbon Fiber Pipe Tripod

ZWO has designed this lightweight, yet sturdy, carbon fiber tripod to be the perfect compliment for the ZWO AM5 Equatorial/Alt-Azimuth mount. Weighing in at 5 lb., this tripod is portable and still maintains a high load capacity of 110 lb. The carbon fiber material means this tripod is incredibly durable, high strength, and impact resistant. The upper part of the tripod legs measure 1.5" in diameter and the lower section measures 1.4". The dual section design provides better stability and rigidity when telescopes and cameras are mounted.

The tripod plate head comes with an adapter plate that has three mounting points that match the ZWO AM5 mount head (not included). This ensures that the connection will be very stable and sturdy. Additionally, there is a center 3/8" locking knob that has a range of compatibility. For the ZWO AM5 mount head, you can keep it standard. For other mounts, you can keep it upside down and secure it with a 3/8" tapped hole. The secure lock reinforces the connection between the mount and the tripod.

ZWO has included a spreader plate with this tripod for increased stability. By tightening the knob, the spreader plate will push up against the legs, spreads them, and lock them in place. The included weight bag can also be filled with weights, stones, or a telescope battery pack for additional stability.

In addition to the ZWO AM5 mount, this tripod can also be used with mounts from the following brands: Celestron, iOptron, Rainbow Astro, and Sky-Watcher.

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ZWO TC40 Carbon fiber tripod

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